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Fast Facts

Population: 101,463 in 2019 (Approx)
Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Time Zone: UTC-4 (AST)
Country Ph Code: +1-268
Capital: Saint Jones
Nationality: Caribbean

Prime Minister: Gaston Browne (The Head of the Government)
National Anthem: “God Save the Queen” is the official national anthem but is generally used only on regal and vice-regal occasions.


At the heart of the Caribbean cushioned by white sandy shores and surrounded by pure crystalline waters a secret paradise of twin Island jewel where world-class hospitality comes with boundless and natural beauty. The Caribbeans best-hidden treasure “Antigua and Barbuda“.

Antigua and Barbuda have beautiful pristine white sandy beaches and lagoons and caves, as well as an amazing bird sanctuary on Barbuda.

Enjoy the spectacular landscape as it unfolds before you from high above the world and the Caribbean Sea, gentle rolling limestone hills covered with lush of caches and mahogany lead down to caves and lagoons, 365 beautiful beaches. A different Beach for every day of the year. 

Antigua and Barbuda where the beach is only the beginning, one of the world’s most beautiful and secluded twin island nations Antigua and Barbuda offers an extraordinary way of life whether seeking whether top choice for special family holidays, romantic getaways, weddings, and honeymoons.

The wide variety of accommodation and amenities for our first class. From secluded and private villas and beautifully appointed hotels to shorefront restaurants, fine dining, and luxurious spas, everything you need is there to feel relaxed and pampered.

Barbuda is an echo lovers paradise, where lone pink and sandy white beaches are protected by impressive Barrier Reef’s keeping you as secluded and untouched as the beauty of the island. 

Antigua’s capital city Saint Jones is charming and traditional bustling with life warm and welcoming. This traditional West Indian city is a popular hub for shopping and dining.

Saint Jones is also home to the citadel of a Caribbean passion the so Vivian Richards cricket ground. One across the island at the historic English Harbor saving fanatics from all over the world the sender Antigua to take part in the world-famous Antigua sailing week.

Well known for its annual carnival of Antigua and Barbuda is also home to a vibrant music scene.

Antigua and Barbuda Flag

The National flag of Antigua and Barbuda was created in 1967 by Sir Reginald Samuel.


Meaning of the Flag

The flag has a sun with the blue and white horizon covered by two red taper triangles on the side. 

The sun representing the dawning of a new era.

The black representing the black African ancestry of the people.

The blue representing hope and the sea and the white representing the sand.

The red on the sides are cut down into a V-shape to represent victory and the red representing the vibrancy and the energy of the people.

Antigua and Barbuda Airport


V. C. Bird International Airport is an international airport located on the island of Antigua, 8.5 km from the Capital of Antigua and Barbuda – St. John.


Antigua and Barbuda are located in the Caribbean Sea in the North American continent on the western hemisphere.

The cool thing about Antigua and Barbuda’s location is that even though it’s located thousands of kilometers away from mainland Europe, technically you can still fly to France, England, and the Netherlands within a 32 to an hour minute flight.

That’s because, with the exception of Saint Kitts and Nevis, all of Antigua and Barbuda’s immediate neighbor nations and islands are overseas territories that still belong to the respective European mother nations, that means that technically you can “go to Europe” without ever crossing the Atlantic.

Islands such as St. Eustatius & Saba for the Netherlands and Montserrat, Anguilla for the UK and Guadeloupe for France and St. Martin which is technically owned both by the Netherlands and France, that one little crazy island has such a crazy backstory.

Antigua and Barbuda Map

antigua-and-barbuda-map Antigua-and-Barbuda-on-World map


Speaking of rich people, let’s talk about the demographics. Now Antigua and Barbuda have about 86,000 people, about 91% of them are black, 4% are mixed, 2% are white and 3% are other.

Antiguans and Barbudans have a distinct culture that slightly differentiates them from the other Caribbean nations.

The majority of the population, like other Caribbean islands, has a black majority that are descendants of former slaves used for plantation work during the British rule.

As a former British colony, of course, English is the official language, however, they speak with a distinct Antiguan and Barbudan dialect.

Many of the words are abbreviated and slightly changed based off of the words they’re derived from.

The vast majority of the people live on the island of Antigua with only about 2,000 people living on the Barbuda.

What Barbuda lacks in people though, it definitely makes up in tourism as every single day tons and tons of people flock to that area to check out some of the most amazing beaches and tourism sites that it offers.

Things to do in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua has so many awesome things that you can do so with the help of the Antigua and Barbuda tourism board and true residents here are the best things to do on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

Snorkeling with Stingrays 

swimming-with-stringreys-in antigua and barbuda
swimming-with-stringreys-in antigua and barbuda

Start off in the crystal-clear blue waters that surround the island. You learn how to safely swim with these magnificent creatures and then quite simply hop off a boat in the water street with so many stingrays. They’re incredibly smooth but incredibly slimy and are certainly not shy of saying “hello”. 

With your snorkel on you can swim alongside the stingrays watch them glide right in front of you underneath you pretty much anywhere they fancy.

Reef Ryder Ride

reef-ryder-ride-in antigua and barbuda
reef-ryder-ride-in antigua and barbuda

For a more exhilarating way to explore the waters, you can hop onto a reef Ryder, which is essentially like a Jetski. This was one of the favorite activities of Antigua trip of many tourists.

You cruise seven miles along the pristine waters of the Caribbean before arriving at Cades reef for a spot of snow.

Aqua Physical Activity

physical-activity-on-water in antigua and barbuda
physical-activity-on-water in antigua and barbuda

Another highlight of Antigua and Barbuda is participating in aqua physical. It’s like Pilates on stand up paddle balls which are anchored to the the water and we’re not going to float off but at least we don’t think we’re gonna float off that’s really difficult to stand on so you really need to focus on your core to stay engaged so you keep your balance while completing the exercises.

It was actually hilarious such a fun way to get your body moving and not just be a hungover beach potato following the many nights of the run which are inevitable.

Cooking Classes with Rum

cooking-classes-with-rum in antigua and barbuda
cooking-classes-with-rum in antigua and barbuda

Rum a great indoor thing to do in Antigua may be on a day when those tropical storms are having a moment. 

You can do a cooking class with rum because why not get a little tipsy on the favorite drink of Antigua and Barbuda while learning to cook the finest dishes on the island.

Rome around in the Capital St John’s


The first impression you get just walking around St. John’s is just how colorful it is all the buildings are absolutely beautiful. You will love the music that’s pumping out of quite a lot of the stores it’s got such gorgeous Caribbean vibe which you must not be used to. 

Enjoy the Festival of Antigua and Barbuda called reggae in the park which is so much fun for something very different then you might not be used to a home and getting a great sense of the relaxed party culture they have here again mixed with a lot of rum.

Ziplining / Hikes / Yoga


You can also do epic treetop ziplining in the daytime as well as a countless number of hikes around the island to take in the scenery at a slower pace. But other than that Antigua is about maxin relaxing.

Enjoy the warmth

Enjoy the crystal-clear blue waters

Enjoy the early afternoon cocktails and you going to have an awesome holiday in Antigua.

Antigua and Barbuda Attractions

Following are some of the best tourist attractions in Antigua and Barbuda. You can click on the Photo Gallery Link to view the Photos of all tourist Attractions

  • 17 Mile Beach, Barbuda
  • Barbuda Pink Sand Beach
  • Betty’s Hope
  • Cades Reef
  • Darby Sink Cave,Barbuda
  • Darkwood Beach
  • Deep Bay Beach
  • Devil’s Bridge
  • Devil’s Bridge
  • Dickenson Bay
  • Dockyard National Park
  • Dow’s Hill Interpretation Centre
  • Falmouth Harbour
  • Fig Tree Drive
  • Fort Barrington
  • Fort Berkeley
  • Fort James
  • Frigate Bird Sanctuary
  • Galleon Beach
  • Greencastle Hill
  • Half Moon Bay, Antigua
  • Indian Town National Park
  • Indian Town Point
  • Jabberwock Beach
  • Jolly Harbour
  • King’s Casino
  • Leeward Islands
  • Monk’s Hill
  • Morris Bay
  • Mount Obama
  • Museum of Antigua and Barbados
  • Nelson’s Dockyard
  • Prince Klas Monument
  • Runaway Beach
  • Saint John’s Harbour
  • Shirley Heights
  • Siboney Beach Club
  • St John’s Antigua
  • St John’s Cathedral, Antigua
  • St, Barnabas Anglican Church
  • Stringray City Antigua
  • Turners Beach
  • Two Foot Bay
  • Ultimate Playground
  • VC Bird Monument
  • Valley Church Beach
  • Wadadli Animal Nature Park
  • Willoughby Bay

Flights and Hotels in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Weather

Know the Climate and weather forecast before planning your trip to Antigua and Barbuda. Know the weather in the month of October, November, etc and plan the tour accordingly.



Antigua and Barbuda pretty much get along with everybody, they don’t have any international disputes, however, the countries that stick out the most are probably going to be the U.S. and the UK and Venezuela.

US and UK because they have the largest economic holding on Antigua and Barbuda and Venezuela because they are a huge business partner.

As a member of Caricom or the Caribbean Community, Antigua and Barbuda pretty much get along with all the other nations of the Caribbean and especially most distinctively the ones that speak English like Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, Dominica.

However, in terms of their best friend Antigua and Barbuda might probably consider St. Kitts and Nevis their best friend considering the fact that they are like the four brothers that have gone through all of the British colonization periods together, stuck by each other and they just get along really well.

Plus there are only about 40 nautical miles between them. They do like to compete a lot with each other though.

In conclusion, Antigua and Barbuda are two powerhouse islands voted as the best place to have a wedding in 2014

It’s no surprise that Antigua and Barbuda are the gems that stand out in the Caribbean.


History of Antigua and Barbuda will also enthrall you. Prior to the African and European inhabitants however, Antigua and Barbuda were inhabited by the Siboney and the Arawaks and the Caribs.

It wasn’t until Christopher Columbus passed by in the 15. a century and named one of the islands Santa Maria La Antigua or Saint Maria the Ancient and Barbuda which means the bearded, which could possibly be a reference to the bearded tribesmen that Columbus witnessed as he passed through the islands.

Finally in 1632 the British were the first people to successfully colonize the islands and today the Amerindian population is actually pretty small, there’s only a few hundred left.

However, it’s very possible that many people have Amerindian heritage passed down on their line and ancestry on the islands.

Cliff took forts of 18th-century harbors to plantations and historic windows Antigua’s rich histories at Gateway to the West Indies is only part of its allure.

For most of the five centuries of its past history, most of the islands in the Caribbean were occupied by European powers, including Antigua and Barbuda who have been under mostly British rule for the majority of their recent history.

That is until 1981 when they gained their independence.


Antigua central location of the crossroads of the Caribbean Islands itself to accessibility, making this tropical Haven one of the world’s most desirable destinations not only for tourism but also for high-level business and investment.

As antiquers economy grows incredible modernization is underway.

Port and Airport expansions are currently in progress large-scale real estate developments will continue to raise the country’s profile.

Driving this economic surge of progressive incentive programs, generating foreign investment, providing investors with all the perks of being a Tigran including freedom from capital gains and inheritance tax and unrestricted visa access to the Schengen area, the UK, Canada, and several other countries.

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program takes only 90 days to complete and is readily accessible via investment in real estate or business. 

Although tourism accounts for most of the nation’s GDP several other thriving industries like telecommunications, banking, and agriculture are well established and poised to grow.

As a center of technological excellence, Antigua is an ideal base for high-tech services and internet-driven businesses that demand sophisticated operations.

The financial services sector is also well established in Antigua with several international institutions operating from this small island.

Attractive for investors from all over the world seeking private banking services Antigua’s sound financial regulatory environment and international banking facilities are second to none.

In addition to offering a sovereign jurisdiction and tax neutral environment, the Antigua and Barbuda convenient time zone accommodates same-day transactions with international markets.

At the helm of the financial services industry is a global bank of commerce or GBC.

The very first international fiduciary institution formed unlicensed in Antigua over 30 years ago.

Long trusted as the grandfather of international banking in the region GBC meets the private banking and wealth management needs of personal and corporate clients from all over the world.

Antigua and Barbuda is a little piece of paradise and it’s an opportunity for you to enjoy not only a valued visit but also a valued opportunity to use the financial infrastructure that we have to meet your own personal goals and your investment criteria.

Combining modern technology with personal service GBC is known for providing the most efficient customer experience with a human touch. The banks reputable business practices reflect the nation’s well regulated and dynamic financial environment.

As a long-standing reliable and trustworthy international institution, global Commerce Bank is a prime example of the ongoing strength and validity of Antigua’s Financial Center.

Highlighting the diversity of opportunity companies like Caribbean Alliance insurance the largest general insurer in Antigua is further testament to the stability of the private sector on the island.

Antigua is very central you have direct flights to the United Kingdom and the USA. It is the home base of the regional airline you have a friendly government and are always willing to talk to and be helpful.

Making life more comfortable for the many Antiguan residents is the Antigua public utility authority providing electricity, water, telephone, mobile and Internet with superior customer service. Servicing the basic needs of day-to-day existence in a small island community APA is more than a utility provider they are a partner in life.


Previously the islands used to have a lot of fig trees, however over the years especially during British colonization the islands were used for sugar cane plantations.

Now major crops include sea island cotton, locust fruit, and the famous Antiguan black pineapple.

The thing is though about 30% of the land is arable only about 18% of the land is used for farming and agriculture.

The reason why is because most of the people in Antigua and Barbuda don’t really care too much to go into the agriculture sector and the like to go into the tourism sector because it pays more money.

Most major crops are actually grown on family plots and sold at local markets.

Fishing actually takes up a huge part of the economic industry as well as the typical Antiguan and Barbudan diet.

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