Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs

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Fast Facts

Date opened: 1926
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Land area: 140 acres (57 ha) (40 acres (16 ha) in use)
No. of animals: 750
No. of species: 150
Official Website:
Hours: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (last admission at 4 p.m.)
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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

For many of us finding a one-stop destination where you can stay overnight and enjoy lots of activities is a must and you can find that just an hour south of Denver in Colorado Springs the Cheyenne Mountain Resort and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a perfect getaway for you and your family.

It is America’s Only Mountain Zoo at and Altitude of 6740 ft and kind of goes up from there.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers breathtaking views of Colorado Springs and let’s not forget about those 750 animals.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo not only known for our beautiful location up on the mountain but you can see beautiful Colorado Springs below.


The zoo is also really well known around the world for our Giraffes.

Just about every zoo has Giraffes but here they are something special. Currently, there are 16 Giraffes in our here and you can feed 365 days a year from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Giraffe
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Giraffe

One of the unique aspects of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is the capacity to interact with so many of the animals such as the Elephants. 

So tourists can have actually a lot of experiences at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo where you can get up close with animals especially if you would like to feed them like this little bugs.

There are so many areas that people just love about Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

It looks like that visitors are in African Rift Valley  which shows draft experience of encountering Africa includes lions, 6 elephants, a black rhino, meerkats.

Rocky Mountain Wild

There is also a great area called Rocky Mountain wild where guests can see animals that are located in the Rocky Mountains which is really unique for people just to be able to experience animals that they could encounter in your own backyard.

It’s an opportunity for kids to get hands-on with some of our outreach animals so they may get a touch on a lizard or a tortoise or see a bird fly right through the loft on and just get that really close and you need experience.

Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Everybody loves the day at the zoo and after that enjoy the beautiful Cheyenne Mountain Resort so that you and your family can stay and enjoy some unique activities.


The way the resort sets up is very family-oriented and since its inception, everyone enjoys family vacations and part of that attraction in the lore has been our proximity to all the great attractions in the Colorado Springs area

Cheyenne Mountain Resort has been partnered with the zoo for some adult oriented events in the summer which are an opportunity for adults to enjoy the zoo in an adult environment.

Cheyenne Mountain Resort provides all you need for the perfect getaway. 

  • A private 35-acre lake
  • Seventeen Tennis Courts
  • A newly renovated fitness center

It’s almost one of the best-kept secrets that on the Front Range the resort itself sits upon 217 acres and most people don’t realize that you could actually have a lake experience at the 35-acre lake and go sailing just an hour from Denver.

Other Amenities of the Resort

Some of the more traditional resort amenities like a

Full-service spa

Pete Dye Championship golf course

Pools and or activities

In the evening curl up with your family for some gourmet s’ mores or settle into the bar for a cold pint


The rooms are just really well-appointed. The resort has been recognized as a 4 Star Resort for the last nine years and so they’re very upscale in their appointments but they have a really comfortable Colorado feel.


The objective was really to kind of bring the outdoors in so the colors the textures all fit with our environment within the Pikes Peak region in Rocky Mountain.

There are a diversity of rooms. like From rooms with two queen beds all the way up to presidential suites that have more than two thousand square feet to spread.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Cheyenne Mountain Resort offer all you need to enjoy the Front Range and the best part it’s right in the backyard.

History of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Nestled on the side of Cheyenne in Colorado Springs at an altitude of 6,800 feet Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has long been a must-see treasure for residents and visitors alike.

It’s a zoo with a rich history. 

Founded in 1926 by local businessmen mining tycoon and philanthropist Spencer Penrose.Cheyenne Mountain Zoo-founder-Spencer-Penrose

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo owes its unique Mountain location to a small monkey. Penrose founder of the Broadmoor hotel was a collector of exotic animals

His brother Charles Penrose was the director of the Philadelphia Zoo and Spencer wanted to show his sibling and others that he was just as fine a keeper of exotic animals as his brother.

Spencer’s collection ranging from large Hoofstock like Elk and Musk and OX to an Elephant various Snakes, Bears, and Monkeys was split between holding cages at the Broadmoor and his Turkey Creek ranch south of Colorado Springs.

In the summer of 1926 one of the monkeys residing at the Broadmoor bit the child of a hotel guest.

This proved to be the last straw for the broad Moors Board of Directors and Penrose was asked to remove his animals from the hotel grounds immediately.

Never the industrious entrepreneur Penrose decided to consolidate his animal collection and move them all about a mile and a half up Cheyenne Mountain which he also owned.

It’s been the home to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo ever since.

As the years passed Penrose made improvements and additions to his zoo including the acquisition of a World’s Fair carousel and construction of permanent buildings for his collection.

During this time he also began construction of the Will Rogers shrine which was completed in 1937.

This historic monument perched 1.4 miles above the zoo is dedicated to Penrose friend and humorist Will Rogers who died in a plane crash in 1935.

When a prognosis of terminal throat cancer was given him in 1938 Penrose decided to give his Cheyenne Mountain zoo to the citizens of Colorado Springs.

It’s important to note however that neither the city of Colorado Springs the Broadmoor nor the Albemarle Foundation owned a zoo.

It’s an independent nonprofit entity owned by the citizenry of the city and overseen by a volunteer board of directors.

The zoo has the distinction of being one of only a handful of accredited zoos in the nation that is not tax-supported.

It has sustained solely by admission revenues membership dues, grants, donations, and program fees.

Spencer Penrose died in December 1939 but Cheyenne Mountain Zoo lives on as part of this man’s legacy.

in the 1950s and 60s tourism bloomed in the Pikes Peak region and crowds flocked to seeCheyenne Mountain zoo Giraffes Cheyenne Mountain zoo’s Giraffes, Elephants, and primates.

At that time visitors travel to the zoo by car or the unique mountaineer train that ran round-trip from the Broadmoor Hotel.



By the 1980s the zoo on the mountain had fallen into a state of status quo with exhibits looking much as they always had.

No time was taking its toll on the facility.

The 1990s

However, beginning in 1990 the zoo embarked on an era of revitalization. 

A master plan was conceived and major fundraising and construction got underway.

Cheyenne-Mountain-Zoo-in-1990During this flurry of modernization, guests were enthralled with new exhibits such as rocky cliffs primate world, with woods, Asian Highlands, lion’s lair and kids Canyon.

Even the 1925 carousel that Spencer Penrose brought back from the World’s Fair was meticulously refurbished and relocated to the central part of the zoo.

The excitement continued into the new millennium with a 2003 opening of the African Rift Valley an award-winning exhibit that showcases the zoo’s world-renowned giraffe herd the largest of any zoo in U.S.A

Guests from all over the world have discovered the thrill of feeding crackers to these Giraffes.


You can also get up close and personal with meerkats colobus monkeys and crowned cranes and kids will love all the educational play activities.

In 2008

In 2008 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo opened the Rocky Mountain wild exhibit complex.

This 8.2 million dollar undertaking is actually multiple exhibits presenting a grand collection of North American species like grizzly bears, river otters, mountain lions, Mexican gray wolves, and moose.

The zoo is one of only eight accredited zoos in the nation to exhibit moose.

2008 also saw the opening of the exciting Mountaineer Sky Ride taking its name from the little train that used to carry guests to the zoo.

This open-air chairlift style ride transports you up Cheyenne mountain and provides spectacular views of the zoo the surrounding mountains and the city of Colorado Springs.

Access to the zoo is easy from interstate 25 just take exit 138 the circle Drive exit and follow the signs west toward the mountains

Come experience when nearly half a million visitors annually are talking about only at Cheyenne Mountain.

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