india 3 rank in passport issuance

India ranks 3rd position in Passport issuance

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India ranks 3rd in Global Passport Issuance and growing at 19 %

As far as worldwide issuance of international ID, India has positioned the third set behind China and the United States. The administration of India, altogether, issued 1.31 crore international IDs and other related administrations in the year 2017, over 7.38 crore residents held legitimate travel papers.

During 2017, Ministry of External Affairs handled around 1.17 crore international ID and visa-related administration applications contrasted with 98.4 lakhs in 2016 denoting a development of almost 19 percent.

The Passport Offices, Headquarters and the Office of the Chief Secretary of Andaman and Nicobar Islands got 1,17,34,020 and visa-related administration applications including Police Clearance Certificates, against which 1,15,82,367 international IDs and related records were issued

(comprehensive of 2665 Diplomatic visas, 29022 Official travel papers,

5111 Surrender Certificates (SC),

2078 Identity Certificates (IC) and 2568 Line of Control (LoC) applications).

184 Indian Embassies and Consulates abroad issued around 15.13 lakh travel papers, Emergency Certificates and other international ID related random administrations.

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