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Faraday Fleet car rental company in Colorado Springs and is a small, family-run business doing it’s part to advance green energy and build a sustainable and exciting future.

We believe that fossil fuels are not ideal for our planet’s future. We’ve taken responsibility to do what we can to speed the adoption of sustainable fuel sources that will prolong the life of our planet.


It’s our goal to provide the best service and experience for you to enjoy the entire transportation experience. Our clients enjoy their trips with us and also experience first-hand how an electric driving experience is superior to one powered by fossil fuels.

We believe that people who experience the luxury and performance of electric vehicles will be further enticed to make the switch to electric – not by reading or thinking, but by experiencing it.

We are changing the face of transportation. Here’s how.
Build Fleet of Luxury Private Vehicles (In process)
We believe that there’s a need for a luxury vehicle service specifically using electric vehicles. For many reasons, very few existing limo and transport companies are enticed to go electric. We believe that we can blaze a trail and be a leader in this niche, since we will be, by definition unique. At this phase, our goal is to build a luxury fleet by focusing on incredible, Michelin-star level service that makes our passengers second guess why they don’t have an electric vehicle of their own.
Solar Power All Vehicles (In The Future)
With the volume from selling luxury electric services, we can improve our economics by going solar, to be one of the most eco-friendly and efficiently run fleets in the industry. Removing the need to fuel up with fossil fuels reduces expenses, and also makes a meaningful step towards a fully sustainable transportation business.

Expand Fleet to Standard Vehicles (In The Future)

With the funds and sustainable business model of our luxury fleet, there will be an opportunity to rapidly expand into standard electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3, Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. By this time, more electric vehicles will be available by several more manufacturers. These vehicles will allow us to provide standard, non-luxury services. This means exposing the public to the benefits of electric vehicles.

Fully Autonomous Fleet (In The Future)

Electric vehicle manufacturers, like Tesla, are leading the way by having their electric cars come fully equipped for full self driving capability. This means safer transport, since human error is removed from the equation. Since many of the cars in our fleet will be prepared to be self driving, we will be best positioned for a fully autonomous fleet once legislation passes.
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