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Gokarna is a really small town in Karnataka and can easily be covered within 3 days like a maximum of 3 days. People also call Gokarna as the Goa of the 90s. Very less crowd, untouched beaches and such beautiful landscapes. Not only that, it is also a pilgrimage for the Hindus.

Located in the northern side of the Karvan belt Gokarna is this amazing peaceful city that you would love to go if you’re a beach person.

It is not wrong to say that Gokarna is the best alternative of Goa and infact the better version as well.

Because goa when you go it is too crowded and it is to commercialise. Gokarna is very small laid-back you know beach town edge stuff and you can just enjoy the serenity there that is something the best thing about Gokarna.

How to Reach Gokarna

Know all about How to reach and to travel within the place.

There are no direct flights to reach Gokarna. The nearest airport is Goa Dabolim airport. From there you have to take a train or you could go by hiring a cab or that buses that are available.

By Road
The road takes a lot more than the train. If you go by road, it’s going to accumulate easily 6 to 8  hours because road are not in a great condition. But there are two trains Goa – Madgaon. Both of these trains taking about 1 1/2 hour to reach Gokarna.

Ideally  this is what you should opt for..

Travel within the City

So once to reach the Railway station, which is the Gokarna railway station,  to reach the proper Gokarna where there are beaches and everything. There are two ways to go about it.

Taxi and Bus

There’s taxis ended up buses. So the taxis, they would cost you like around Rs 300 – 400. Gokarna is really small and can be covered on foot and that are all local buses available as well.

Hiring a Scooty in Gokarna

But it’s really convenient if you hire a scooty. They charge Rs 300 for a day and infact this is the best way to explore the city.

Things to do in Gokarna

Lets explore the main places to visit and things to do in Gokarna.

Gokarna is majorly known for its beaches and temples.

The beaches are less touristy with clear blue waters. They’re perfect for swimming also thing.


om beach gokarna

Famous beach here is the Om Beach, which attracts all types of family crowds. You’d see people playing volleyball and other beach games.

Why is it call Om Beach?

The reason why it’s called Om beach is because when you see it from an Areal point of view of the beach is formed in the shape of OM which is really interesting.

You can check this out when you Cafe which is on a cliff and the view literally of Om shape.


kudlee beach gokarna

Another famous beach in Gokarna is a good Kudlee Beach. Kudlee beach is located on the other side of the cliff and there are a lot of shacks and cafes over there. So if you like Shacks and Cafes you should go to Kudlee Beach.

Under the Tree Restaurant is family run restaurant offering food and rooms on exotic Kudlee Beach in Gokarna, India.

For Shanti seekers, Yoga lovers and all preferring peace, privacy and meditation we have prepared Restaurant with wide choice of Indian and Continental meals (both veg and non-veg), Bungalows and Huts, Internet Services as well as FREE SHADED YOGA PRACTICE GROUND. Possibility of self cooking available. Check it out and find more surprises on the spot!

Tip:- You must you must try the coffee at least.


There are two interesting other beaches which you should not miss at all. There’s like a Half Moon Beach and a Paradise beach. 

halfmoon beach gokarna

To reach both these beaches of you need to trick your way  or there are the direct ferrys available. There is no other way to reach that.

Night trek at Paradise Beach or Moonlight is the must thing you should do at Gokarna.

You can see are very rare sight of phytoplankton at these beaches. If you’re in Gokarna and if you get a chance to do that, to go do a night trek, Make sure you do that.

phytoplankton at Paradise Beach

Mahabaleshwar Temple

The temple in Gokarna is called the Mahabaleshwar a temple and it’s considered to be one of the most prominent shiva temples in the country.

mahabaleshwar temple

Actually it’s a fact that this temple was built in the 4th century. Now of course when you look at fourth century we are in 21st century now, so do the calculations it is 1700 in his old temple.

History of Mahabaleshwar Temple in Gokarna

There is also a legend telling the history of Mahabaleshwar temple and why this temple was built.

When you look at scriptures you see that The Ravana the antagonistic Valmiki’s Ramayana was a huge Shiva devotee and he had prayed to shiva to give him a piece of his soul that is called the atmalinga and here it is said that during this time itself Ravana had written the famous shiva tandav rsnow throw to praise Shiva.

Accidentally Ravana when he came to go could not dropped this Linga onto the ground and this linga sunk into the ground now this temple is built around this Linga and it is said that even today you can see and touch that Atmalinga and that is the prominence of this Mahabaleshwar temple.

Nightlife in Gokarna

The fact that there is no nightlife in woken up. So don’t go expecting clubs and pubs over there.

But you can  definitely

  • Chill at the cafes, on the shack
  • Chill at the beach, drink,
  • Play with your friends
  • Lie down on the beach,
  • Have a stargazing moment
  • Listen to the soothing sound of the waves.

You should also try the coconut ice cream at the same spot.

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Waterfall near Gokarna

There is a waterfall around 2 Hours drive from Gokarna. Y should not miss that because the waterfall is amazing. It’s going to take like half of your day to explore and come back  but its worth and will love that entire journey. It is exhausting. But when you reach them and you take a dip in the pool like a natural pool made by the waterfall.

It’s a very different feeling and just refreshing.

Travel Details to Gokarna from Various Destinations

1. Bangalore to Gokarna
9 h 31 min (485.9 km) via NH 48

2. Murudeshwar to Gokarna
1 h 38 min (78.4 km) via NH 66

3. Hyderabad to Gokarna
14 h 19 min (645.7 km) via NH52

4.  Mangalore to Gokarna
4 h 36 min (231.3 km) via NH 66

5. Udupi to Gokarna
3 h 31 min (177.3 km) via NH 66

6. Hampi to Gokarna
7 h 26 min (313.2 km) via SH 2

7. Pune to Gokarna
10 h 15 min (567.1 km) via AH47

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