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Fast Facts

Country: United States
State: Alaska
Population: 35 578 (by 2019) Approx
Time Zone: UTC−9 (AKST)
Area Code: 907
Airport: Juneau International Airport
Airport Code : JNU


Juneau is the capital city of America’s 49th state.

Breathtaking scenery, friendly locals an abundance of crisp mountain air can all be experienced during peak season which is mid-may to August.

Juneau Alaska is really a great destination for families, for visitors of all ages and for visitors of all adventure levels as well. 

Juneau is a really cool town is actually my size of town at around 30,000 people. It has the city amenities but it still has the smaller town flavor  but there is so much to do in this Juneau, Alaska.

Nestled at the foot of Mount Juno in the Alaska Panhandle it faces the water from the mainland side of gaston old channel.

Several magnificent fjords are located along the channel coast and the majestic Mendenhall Glacier is nearby.

How to Travel to Juneau Alaska

Juneau is one of several population centers in Alaska with roads that are cut off from the rest of the world.

There are no roads leading to Juneau despite the fact that it is on the mainland of North America.

Instead you have to use a ferry boat to drive a vehicle to Juneau. 

Juneau Alaska Map


Things to do in Juneau Alaska

Around every corner here in Juneau you’ll find another example of nature’s spectacular beauty. 

Mendenhall Glacier:- One of the must do’s while you’re here is to experience Mendenhall Glacier. 

One of the best ways to get some enviable photographs courts the best views of downtown Juneau hop on board the gold belt mount Roberts tramway.


Each year over 400,000 visitors flock to this unbelievably gorgeous natural wonder you can drive or hike to the base and be sure to stop by the visitors center.

Mount Roberts Tramway:- The mount Roberts tramway takes us up 1745 feet in elevation to the top of the mountain overlooking Juneau. 

It takes just a few minutes to reach the top on board one of the gondolas and when you reach the summit get ready to be impressed. 

On top there are a number of things to see and do

  • There is the Timberline bar and grill 
  • A gift shop 
  • There are trails that you can hike
  • There are also displays of Native in historical Alaskan art 

The mount Roberts tramway is owned and operated by gold belt incorporated Juneau’s urban Alaska native corporation which is owned by 3300 Alaska native shareholders 

Salmon Fishing:- Salmon fishing here is exhilarating and fun so charter a few hours and get ready to hook some big-time tasty fish.

Walk at Downtown Juneau:- Take part of your time to walk through the district and chat with the local shop owners and don’t forget handcrafted souvenirs.

Gold Creek: This is no exception this is gold Creek but also on gold creek I think this is the best spot to learn how to pan for gold. 

Plan on spending a couple of hours learning about the gold rush days of yesterday and yes whatever you find you get to keep.Y

Juneau Alaska Hotels

One of the Best Hotels in Juneau is Pearson’s Pond Luxury Hotel.

Pearson’s pond luxury in an adventure spa is among Alaska’s most picturesque and romantic retreats.

Pearson's Pond Luxury Inn Juneau Alaska

Located in Juneau Alaska’s capital city this AAA four Diamond property is tucked in the pristine rainforest.

Guest rooms feature romantic touches like double jacuzzis, canopy beds, fireplaces and water view balconies.

While providing conveniences like kitchenettes a well-stocked breakfast pantry and evening refreshments around the fire.

Pearson’s is also a great outdoor getaway and is staffed by adventure travel specialists prepared to help you plan your escape to the healing calm of the Alaskan wilderness.

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Juneau Alaska Restaurants

The Juneau Alaska downtown district has plenty of watering holes and locally owned restaurants to choose from.

Juneau International Airport

Landing at Juneau International Airport of Helicopter at Helipad

Juneau Alaska Weather


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