Buffalo Fast Facts

Buffalo New York Population 2020: 2,55,000 (Approx)

Time Zone: UTC−05:00 (EST)

Zip Code: 142XX

Area Code: 716

State: New York

Country: USA

Parking Ticket Price in Buffalo: $50


Buffalo City Location in New York

Buffalo is America’s Best Designed City. It’s almost, you have to look for new world metaphors. It’s Amazonian! Buffalo is at the foot of this gigantic series of lakes and it’s freshwater.

It’s the reason Buffalo became a bustling and important city in the early part of the American story and perhaps one of the reasons we’ll become an important city again in the 21st century.

One of the great things that Lake Erie gives is this oceanic view, over two hundred miles of water to the west.

It’s just spectacular to sit out there and watch the sunset over the water and that’s something no one else in the eastern U.S.A has because of all our other cities: Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia they don’t have sunsets over the water.

The city of Buffalo is surrounded by water. It has

  • Lake Erie to our west
  • Niagara Falls to the north
  • and Buffalo River meandering to the south

Buffalo is one of the few cities that have a truly baroque street system. In 1804 Joseph Ellicott came to town. Joseph Ellicott was the brother of Andrew Ellicott who was on Pierre L’Enfant’s team to design Washington DC.

Lots of elements of the plan of Washington DC are visible in Buffalo. A grid overlaid by a radial system of streets. Chris Hawley: The radial and grid street system gave Buffalo an incredibly elegant framework for developing the city.

One of the really terrific things about radials is the way they shape the view. So when you’re coming down Court Street from Lafayette Square you have what Ada Louise Huxtable called the greatest urban vista in America.

Frederick Law Olmsted is perhaps the greatest landscape architect that America has produced, designer of Central Park.

The father of landscape architecture came to Buffalo with an invitation to put a park in the city, decided instead that the real thing to do is put the city in a park system.

It was the first, best-designed park system in America.

That park and parkway system was built on the armature of the Ellicott radial street system.

There is no main gate. You come in from any direction. You can move through the parkways to other parks and have very different experiences in each one.

Frederick Law Olmsted called Buffalo “the best-planned city in America, if not the world.”

The thing that makes that marginally credible is that he said it before he offered his park system, so it was the best-planned city in America before the park and parkway system and he added value to that best plan.

The Parks, of course, are beautiful in and of themselves, but sometimes forget how significant the parkways are and how they frame the city and how they reflect Olmsted’s vision of a democratic city, an egalitarian approach where anyone and everyone in Buffalo felt like they were royalty by virtue of being on these parkways.

To those of who live along some of these streets or who traverse them regularly, check what Ellicott and Olmsted wanted you to feel:

You’re an individual, but when you cross these great civic works you’re part of a much larger thing, you’re part of a larger society, you’re part of something that can only happen with the collective will, effort, aspirations of your fellow citizens.

To ride a bike, to walk your dog along Chapin Parkway is just tremendously uplifting. And in Buffalo, you get that by walking the dog.

The radials, and the water, and the park system — the best-planned city in America – set the table for the best architecture in America.

Buffalo’s Architecture

Buffalo, of course, has buildings by what are today seen as the three greatest American architects:

  • Frank Lloyd Wright,
  • H.H. Richardson
  • Louis Sullivan

The grid overlaid with the radial streets provides you with these fantastic building sights that really attract great architects to do their best work.

Tat is all integrated within incredible, walkable, compact neighborhoods.

 So when you go down the streets of Buffalo, you are going to see — yeah, holy cow, there’s a house by Frank Lloyd Wright, but you’re going to see lining the streets really wonderful and sometimes touching examples of craftsmanship.

Buffalo City Mistakes

Buffalo, like so many cities, made some tremendous mistakes starting around 1950

Buffalo brought the Scajaquada Expressway directly through an Olmsted park, Delaware Park. Buffalo rammed the Kensington expressway down one of Olmsted’s parkways displacing entirely, Humboldt Parkway.

It’s fascinating. There were photographs of these giant elm trees being sawed down and the caption on the pictures wasn’t:

Is there the mistake of all mistakes, the mother of all mistakes? Buffalo built the expressway system that surrounds our city on the water.

The 190 and the Skyway just cut Buffalo off from its waterfront.

The Larkin district is one of the true rustbelt success stories. In the past ten years, a group of imaginative investors has managed to take a district that was basically abandoned ten years ago and made it one of the most exciting and lively places in the city today.

This area was established actually in 1827 as Buffalo’s first manufacturing district known as the Hydraulics and it’s just a great historic district that was in tremendous disrepair, so if you wandered around here ten years ago you would have seen primarily bordered up and abandoned buildings.

Buffalo City are now starting to see a reawakening and a reconnection to waterways that made this region great.

There is nothing better than Canalside. People bring their kids there to run around, to eat, to play in the sand area.

Elmwood Village was a wreck in the 1970s and only thirty years later it was rated as one of the top ten best neighborhoods in the country by the American Planning Association.

Buffalo got walkable streets, bikeable streets, compact neighborhoods, short blocks; I mean, these are all the ingredients for making a successful place happen in the 21st century.

Buffalo is a city that appeals to a person who wants to make a change. It’s always been a really friendly city. People who are new to Buffalo find that they can get very involved very quickly and it’s a welcoming place to new ideas.

Buffalo is going to become one of the great cities in the nation again.

Places to visit and Things to do in Buffalo

Visit Buffalo Niagara we will provide you details on things to do at the riverfront and canal side of Buffalo. Canal Side is a just a beautiful area down muffled waterfront seen over three hundred million dollars a new investment in the last few years

In very short period of time this area that was previously underutilized has become the city’s front yard. There are over a million visitors here per year. Things to do at Canalside are as follows

Canalside Buffalo
  • A big place for weekly concerts
  • Sitting in an Adirondack chair and relax
  • Enjoy Kayak in Summers
  • Water bike or
  • Drink a beer in a beer garden
  • The largest inland Naval Park in the United States
  • Ice Skating and Ice Biking in Winters

The Most Unique about Buffalo’s is that it is one of the few places in the eastern US where you can see a sunset over a limitless expanse of water – or the few cities. So people love coming down here for sunsets.

A couple of new Hotels in Buffalo, New restaurants, and just hundreds of millions of dollars of new investment.

So it’s very beautiful we could totally see ourselves spending tons of time at canalside. There’s a ton of things to do in Buffalo.

Larkin Sqaure

Popular for Food trucks and huts. There are tons of food trucks no really and you can’t enough of food trucks and having dozens of them in one spot was pretty much paradise

With so many food trucks to choose from it’s pretty hard to know where to go but from and you can’t go wrong with any of them or all of them.

Richardson Olmstead

Richardson Olmstead

Richardson Olmstead complex is an architectural masterpiece and was formerly the Buffalo State asylum.

It was undergoing incredible restoration and renovation in 2016 and it has become a boutique hotel as well as the Buffalo architectural Center.

It is quite fascinating on the outside and quite amazing on the inside as well.

Elevator Alley Kayak

Elevator Alley Kayak

Go on a kayak adventure down the river. Enjoy on the way while passing through some grain elevators and some other formal industrial parts of Buffalo as well as come outside and a few other beautiful spots.

In your kayak tour with towering grain elevators you will get chance to experience the city learn about its history and see some of the many changes being made from an altogether different perspective.

City of Buffalo Parking Ticket

Parking Ticket Buffalo

Buffalo is getting serious about parking tickets. You will not have to pay a little bit more if you’re caught in the wrong spot at the wrong time but authorities say but they’re also creating more parking options to help businesses in the city 

If you’re driving around the city of buffalo looking for parking you might want to start paying closer attention to parking meters like these or other ones throughout the city or you might end up paying more than you planned on.

They’re just moving to they’re looking for traffic to move a lot more efficiently and smoothly.

It’s been 15 years since the City of Buffalo jacked up parking fines there is no problem with the city getting tougher on people who don’t pay their tickets.

The Common Council has approved mayor byron Browns request to increase fees for parking violations $30 fees you get for not feeding the meter are now $40 $35 fees for parking in no parking zones become 40 illegal parking in a handicapped spot becomes an eighty dollar fine and late fees go up by ten bucks.

Hotels in Buffalo City