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Panama Fast Facts

Capital: Panama City
Panama Tourist Places: Red Frog Island, Panama City, Town of Boquete

Currency: Balboa, Dollar
Time Zone: UTC−5 (EST)
Population: 4,134,119 (2019) Approx
Airport: Tocumen International Airport
Panama Airport Code: PTY

Official Language: Spanish
Panama Currency to INR: Rs 69.77
Panama Flag:



Panama – the way to an unforgettable holiday or the path to a new life. Start the adventure of a lifetime in the buzzing metropolis. The country is home to mystical Mountain Islands and vibrant tropical rainforests. Panama has everything tourist places, culture, history, resorts, beaches, nightlife, rainforests and even more.

Panama is a hidden treasure and one of the world’s best-kept secrets ‘still not overexploited by tourism and incredibly biodiverse.

In an ever-changing world, the remaining places that time stands still.

Where ancient tribes preserve their rich cultural history and the beauty of every tradition is matched only by the beautiful hand that they’ve built.

Panam is an earthly paradise where everyone can experience nature in its real essence.


Panama Location On World Map


Panama’s prime location has long proven trade interest in the area making Panama major business and tourism destination as well as a vital transit hub not just for global trade via the canal but also for passenger air travel to Panama and Beyond.


Panama Tourism

Number one visitors from tourism that Panama has it from the United States that is around 57%. and ones come from Brazil, Costa Rica, Salvador, Argentina, Chile, France, Holland to visit various tourist places in Panama. France is one of the destinations of differences French people look at the fur from Panama.

Tourists who all are coming from the United States were they obviously looking for the weather. They looking for the weather, they looking for your beaches, they’re looking for the ecotourism, and have an only in Panama City but also in the shrieky area that’s a close to the border of Costa Rica. There are lost of Tourist places to visit in Panama.

Cities of Panama

  • Panama City
  • San Miguelito
  • Las Cumbres
  • La Chorrera
  • Tocumen Panamá
  • Pacora Panamá
  • Arraiján Panamá
  • David Chiriqui
  • Vista Alegre
  • Santiago de Veraguas


Panama Tourist Places

Here are our top 10 must-see tourist places in Panama.

1. Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo is also is known as old Panama. It’s a short 15-minute drive from the heart of Panama City with very old architecture and rundown buildings Casco Viejo is quickly being restored to its original beauty with a modern twist.


You see run-down skeletons and buildings being restored into amazing Boutique Hotels and Restaurants. it’s literally an Instagrammers dream.

With an amazing culinary scene with many rooftop bars, amazing ice cream spots, and shops. It’s a must-see for anyone visiting Panama.

It’s a beautiful seat by location with some of the best views of Panama City as well as breathtaking. Look if you’re in Panama City you have no excuses you have to come to visit the old quarter.

2. Pearl Islands

Pearl islands are a group of 200 plus islands off the Pacific coast of Panama.

How to reach there

You can get to it by plane or ferry. The plane ride is about 20 minutes and the ferry is about an hour from Panama City. You can’t stress enough the beauty of this place. 


This is paradise on earth with Clear blue waters and in fact one of the best tourist places in Panama.

It’s still very underdeveloped so you get these amazing islands to yourself. These islands are mostly uninhabited and you get to them by charting a boat. 

Island Hopping Tour is one of the best among others. In this, You will visit three different islands and if you’re a survivor fan these are the islands the reality TV show was filmed on.

Tour Price

Cost of the tour was approximately $50 US per person and it’s definitely worth every penny.

You can bring your own food and beverages. Set of aces tour Kippur and they provide you with the snorkeling gear so you can explore the underwater beauty. 

Pearl islands is a must tourist place to visit in Panama.

3. Panama City

Kind of like the New York of Central America is Panama City.

The city has everything from Malls to High-end hotels as well as an abundance of Restaurants and every other luxury were used to at home.


But it’s not all high-end. If you’re looking for low-cost accommodations in Panama city there’s also a lot of options for budget travelers.

Transportation is a breeze. They have it all buses, taxis, Subways.

Take the short cab ride to the boardwalk Cinta Costera and taking the panoramic views of the city.

The International Airport (Tocumen International Aiport) is located here so if you’re flying in you take the time to explore this awesome city.

It’s one of the main attractions being the Panama Canal and it is only 20 minutes away maybe go see a big freight ship cross the locks. 

4. San Blas Islands

San Blas islands are along the Caribbean coast of Panama. There’s an island for every day of the year but out of the 365, only 49 are inhabited.


They are home to indigenous people called kunas.

How to get there

You get to the island by plane or boat and the dock was about three and a half-hour drive from Panama City.

The Kuna people had a revolution in 1925 that gave them their independence from the Panamanian government. Meaning they have full political autonomy they control all Panama tourism in and out of their islands. Because of this, you’ll need to go through a small customs checkpoint so have your passports ready.

San Blas Island Tour Cost / 270 PP (Aprx)

Depending on the tour company you’ll be staying at different islands and coastal vary based on accommodation such as cabin vs. tents and length the stay.

For a 2 Nights camping, experience with meals included you’re looking at around 270 dollars a person and that also includes transport.

While here you’ll have the opportunity to island-hop and visit these amazing islands.

5. Mamallena Eco-Lodge

Mamallena Eco-lodge is about 45 minutes from Anton Valley and just like in Anton it’s nestled in a valley surrounded by slopes of long-extinct volcanoes.


If you like being off the grid and surrounded by hundreds of hectares of untouched land this is the place for you.

You can even see the volcanic rocks all along the hillsides.

it’s not close to the ocean here but the Eco Lodge has an awesome natural spring where you can take a refreshing dip after a long hike.

You will get here some of the best food of Panama. Most of the produce is grown organically at the lodge and they even make their own gems.

How to get there

It’s a cheap bus ride from Panama City and takes about an hour and a half.

Accommodation and Tours

The lodge has dorms, private rooms and cabanas so no matter what the budget you’ll find something that fits your needs.

They also offer a private tour to Anton Valley and is worth it. 

It’s a perfect place to recharge after the craziness of the city.

6. Red Frog Beach

Red frog beach is located on bastimentos island in the province of Bocas del Toro.


Being one of the largest islands in Panama, here you’ll find everything your heart desires.

From the 5* red frog beach resort to hipster style hostels such as Salina and Palmer you’ll find accommodations for all budgets.

These Caribbean beaches and the island as a whole are some of the most well-kept and clean in Panama.

Red frog is the most popular beach on the island you can play volleyball, surf gorgeous waves or lie on the white sand.

It’s located in a unique location close to the rainforest where you can go for hikes or do a zipline tour.

Keep your eyes open for the small red frogs this Beach got its name from.

If you’re a sailor or you’re coming in on a boat they also have a world-class marina minute from the beach.

There are great spots for delicious food and drinks and for more options you’re only a 10-minute water taxi away from Bocas town.

So all in all Red Frog Beach is again one of the best Tourist places in Panama.

7. Zapatilla Islands

Zapatilla Islands is set up to inhabited islands in the province of Bocas del Toro.

Zapatilla-Islands = Panama Tourist Places

It’s actually part of a National Marine Park. As you can see these islands are beyond beautiful but with its beauty came popularity so don’t be surprised if there are lots of tourists when you go.

You can book this tour from many different companies.

Cost for Zapatilla Island Tour

They’re all about the same price approximately thirty to 30 / 40 US Dollar.

Different guides will make different pit stops along the way and in our case, the price even included barbecued fish on the beach. Tons of fresh coconuts

It’s literally a jungle paradise on a white-sand island.

There’s a path you can take through the jungle to make your way around the island and it’s about thirty minutes or if that’s not your cup of tea just lay on the beach and take it all in.

8. Town of Boquete

Nestled among the beautiful mountains lies a small town of Boquete.

At these elevations you’re no longer in the rainforest it’s now called the cloud forest. Boquete is home to numerous coffee plantations and the Boro volcano National Park.

Town-of-Boquete - Panama Tourist Places

Because of its nutrient-rich soils and perfect climate, it’s the main producer of vegetables in the country Paname.

Best time to visit Boquete is during their annual flower festival which brought thousands of people from all over the world. 

The town was buzzing with life day and night. However, if you’re an adventure seeker you’ll spend time exploring the many outdoor activities Boquete has to offer.

One of them being the waterfall height where you’ll hike through the cloud forest and see three beautiful waterfalls.

If you’re into bird-watching here you’ll find some of the rarest birds in Panama including the elusive Wetzel.

Another fun place to visit is the mini Canyon created by a volcanic rain. Get your bathing suit on and enjoy jumping off the edge of the canyon.

If you’re looking for something more extreme take the overnight hike of Panama’s largest volcano – The burro volcano.

After climbing to 3400 meters you’ll watch the sunrise over the clouds.

This was the most rewarding experience ever and if you’re lucky like we were you’ll get to see both the Pacific and Caribbean oceans at the same time.

9. Contador Island

Contador is part of the Pearl Islands which we talked about back in number nine but it’s worth mentioning on its own and here’s why.


For one it has some of the nicest beaches we saw in Panama.

How to get there

The island has a small airport so getting to it is cheap and easy approximately $60 per person from Panama City.

The island is less than one and a half square kilometers so getting around is a breeze.

Most people use golf carts or scooters and they have plenty of these available for rent.

With beaches all around the island, you can choose to be secluded on your own Beach or join the crowds in a more touristy area.

One of our highlights is the restaurant latitude. They make the most amazing Italian food including the best pizza we had in Panama.

Go take a picture by the shipwreck ferry or soak up the sun on one of the many white-sand beaches.

10. Colon Island

Colon Island is the capital of Bocas del Toro and is where you’ll find Bocas town.

Here you’ll have many choices for accommodations such as hostels and hotels.


They have many of these throughout Bocas but as you see you’re landlocked so you’ll be getting around by water taxis.

With that, you can get to any part of colon including the many bars and nightlife spots in Bocas town.

Explore the reef with the kayaks and snorkeling gear they provide. You will see stingrays, barracudas, starfish, etc. 

You can take a boat for the tour to Bird Island where you’ll see hundreds of birds flying around. You don’t get to dock, however you can jump in for a quick swim.

Another must-see is the starfish beach.

Sadly because of the many tourists, the starfish are few and far between so please don’t touch the starfish.

There are many choices for food and drinks at the beachside huts and it’s delicious.

This place has awesome beach vibe and you’ll want to spend hours soaking up the Sun.

Panama Airport (Tocumen International Airport)

Connecting more than 80 cities and servicing flights from over 30 countries with the world’s top Airlines Tocumen International Airport is the regional leader for a trap and the primary gateway to Panama and the Americas.

Tocumen Airport sophisticated infrastructure seamless security and modern design provide travelers with easy access to premier facilities turning a standard airport visit into a stress-free and first-class experience.

Keeping up with Panama’s progressive economy and fast-paced business tomorrow a large-scale Airport expansion is currently underway set to double passenger capacity and bolster operations the airport extension is a symbol of Panama‘s prominence in the global economy and of the country’s pivotal role as the international business, logistics and transit capital of the Americas.

Panama City’s cutting-edge infrastructure an upcoming state-of-the-art Convention Center, globally renowned hotels and internationally acclaimed restaurants also make Panama a premier site for meetings and exhibitions.

With a strong and stable economy based on the US dollar, Panama has put itself on a map as a major epicenter for banking, commerce, and innovation.

A small but incredibly competitive country Panama is a regional leader in economic development with several dynamic sectors all poised to grow tremendously in the coming years further reinforcing Panama‘s position as the primary business center of the Americas.

Panama Pacifico

Offering world-class living standards and unparalleled incentives Panama Pacifico is a landmark destination where people can live, work and play.

Where state-of-the-art commercial residential and recreational amenities abound.

A cohesive partnership between the government of Panama and acclaimed development firm London and the regional panel provides Panama Pacifico with unmatched global credentials and financial stability in one of the largest city planning projects ever recorded.

With almost half of the land dedicated to the natural environment including the palms, nature traders, and open space Panama Pacifico offers a vibrant mix of business residential and recreational amenities.

Surrounded by tropical landscapes and amidst picturesque mountains, connectivity underpins this master designer.

Stunning new house in varied neighborhoods have easy access to some of the best private schools and universities in Panama as well as shops, leisure areas of sports facilities, patterns and assumed to be built a shopping mall and golf course.

Panama Pacifico diverse business facilities support the needs of today’s multifaceted organizations with 300,000 square meters of contemporary office space and 500,000 square meters of dedicated warehouse and industrial space

When cutting-edge infrastructure and nature coalesce quality of life takes on in unity.

Panama Pacifico is where families and business and grow together. Panama Pacifico is the way to the future.

Flights to Panama


Panama City

Panama City a unique destination filled with contrast and diversity.

A city is driven by the interconnectivity, home to the largest international airport in Central America and the Panama Canal one of humanity’s greatest engineering accomplishments now celebrating its 100th year. The canal is undergoing unprecedented expansion and will continue to thrive in the economy.

Panama City is dynamic, diverse, urban, progressive.


Book Panama Hotels Online

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Panama Weather

Panama is located in the Tropical zone of the hemisphere. That is why Panama has tropical weather. Means that is very hot humid and rainy.

There are 2 well defined Seasons of the year.

Dry Season

Dry Season is very sunny and windy. There is a north wind that takes away the clouds and that is why it doesn’t rain.

In Dry season most of the water activities can be done.

Most of the water activities operate in Dry season only

Rainy Season

By April when the winds decrease, the days become cloudy and more humid and hot. It’s rainy season coming.

As the days pass rain and storms become more frequent and strong.



So that are the top 10 must-visit tourist places in Panama. So this travel guide will help you if you are planning to visit this awesome country Panama.

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