Saint Lucia Travel Guide (2019)

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Fast Facts

Population: 179,995 in 2019 (Approx)
Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD) | To INR Rs 25.55
Time Zone: UTC-4
Country Ph Code: +1-758
Airport Code: UVF
Capital: Castries
Nationality: Caribbean


St. Lucia is a sovereign island country in the Eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary equals the Atlantic Ocean. It covers a land area of 617 square kilometers. 

Unsurpassed natural beauty – all the things our hearts most longed for converge here in the southeastern Caribbean sea.

Saint Lucia is one of the lushest Caribbean islands spellbinding, romantic like no other. The majestic twin Pitons, dense rainforests, dreamy coves, ribbons of sandy beach, idyllic waterfalls.

It is an island filled with lush jungles, stunning beaches, delicious foods, and Romance, iconic Pitons vibrant culture and a variety of adventurous pursuits.

So naturally a lot of the local specialties on St. Lucia comes from the sea and at the popular Coal Pot Restaurant in Castries (the Capital of Saint Lucia) you can try a lot of them.

Each Beach has its own personality you can’t go wrong with sipping a cocktail as the Sun sets for a taste of Saint Lucian life learn about the historic cocoa production at Warren Cabrillo or swing by the morning market to shop with the locals.

Saint Lucia is known for its rum and some of their most popular Rome cocktails are the St. Lucian rum punch the tea punch and run with fresh coconut water but here at the Cambridge sugar Beach they specialize in rum and the drink that you have to order is the old Ivana.

The local spirit here in St. Lucia is the Chairman’s Reserve rum.

Two of the finest Spirits Regular Chairman’s Reserve and Chairman’s Reserve Spiced.

If you need to slow down a relaxing spa treatment should do the trick perhaps in the comfort of your own home.

St. Lucia is the leading honeymoon destination in the Caribbean and it’s no surprise everywhere you look is simply breathtaking.

This island is built for romance and if romance is what you’re after it doesn’t get much more romantic than a glass of champagne by your private infinity pool. So enjoy the finer things natural beauty and a laid-back atmosphere.

Saint Lucia Location and Map


Saint Lucia Airport

There are two airports in St Lucia.

George Charles Airport and

human Nora International Airport

The second larger one regularly receives flights from the United States, Canada, Germany, the UK.

The annual passenger traffic gets close to 500,000 people there are five large ports in the country. 

In 2018 a new terminal opened that receives large ocean liners and Fontan class cruise ships that accommodate 5,000 passengers each.

This will speed up the development of the cruise sector and increase the number of tourists in st. Lucia.

Saint Lucia Tourism

Since 2015 the dynamics of the International Tourism market has been positive.

In 2016 the Caribbean countries receive twenty-six point three million cruise liner passengers which exceeded the previous year’s numbers by 1.3 percent.

In the first nine months of 2017, Saint Lucia was visited by 95,000 people which surpasses the number of visitors of the corresponding period of sixteen by 14.5 percent.

In 2017 Saint. Lucia was placed second in the best place to visit in the Caribbean waiting which was compiled by the US News and World Report agency.

St. Lucia is the destination point for the annual transatlantic regatta.

Since 1992 St. Lucia has held a two-week Jazz Festival which is considered to be one of the world’s five largest jazz events.

Tourism is st. Lucia’s main source of jobs and income accounting for 65 percent of GDP.

The manufacturing sector is the most diverse in the Eastern Caribbean area crops such as bananas mangoes and avocados continue to the growth for expert,

St. Lucia is vulnerable to a variety of external shocks including volatile tourism receipts natural disasters and dependence on foreign oil,. It has experienced anemic growth since the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008 largely because of a slowdown in tourism. airlines cut back on their routes to Saint Lucia in 2012.

Saint Lucia Attractions and Things to Do

Visit St. Lucia – This is the type of island that travelers dream about. A small lush tropical gem that is still relatively unknown. 

In natural beauty St. Lucia seems like an island plucked from the South Pacific and set down in the Caribbean.

It has been inhabited long before colonial times and its cultural treasures are a fascinating collage of its rich past and many different traditions.

There is a list of exciting activities available here including hella touring, deep-sea fishing, volcano trekking, jungle biking, and about every type of water sport imaginable.

Let’s discover the top 10 things to do in st. Lucia

The Pitons

Located near SU Frey on the southwest coast of the island these Twin Peaks topping 2,000 feet are Saint Lucia’s most popular attraction and most famous landmark.

Only the most daring climbers have ventured an ascent to their summits but they can be seen in all their glory from Mount Jimmy or from the decks of a boat offshore.

National Rainforest

The National rainforest is a particular appeal to bird watchers hikers and nature lovers. It covers 19 thousand acres of lush mountains and valleys.

It is home to giant ferns birds of paradise and many other indigenous tree species exotic flowers and fruits and its paths are strewn with wild orchids and mushrooms.

See if you can spot the brightly huge St. Lucia Parrot.

Sulpher Springs

Sulpher Springs is the hottest and most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles which makes the tour spectacular.

It is a bit surreal standing in the middle of a volcano in Saint Lucia and walking past pools and hot springs bubbling and belching with Sulpher Laden steam. You can smell the springs long before you reach the gates. 

After the tour, you can walk down to the springs slather some volcanic mud on your self and then soak in the hot tubs.

Water Diving

Diving off the waters of St. Lucia is ideal for both beginners and experts alike. Saint Lucia boasts a number of stunning dive sites that catapult divers into a tranquil world. Filled with secret nooks waiting to be explored. 

With some of the most captivating deep-sea wildlife in the Caribbean, you can experience an underwater carnival as you swim among schools of brilliantly colored exotic fish.

Snorkel, Well watch, Boat tours, and Windsurfing are some of the watersports available here.

Saint Lucia Jazz Fest

If you love music check out the annual St. Lucia Jazz Fest it’s the premier Jazz Festival of the Caribbean ten days of fun Sun and music. 

Pigeon Island National Park

This is a lovely park with a tremendous view and historical importance to the history of the island. The fort provides a wonderful view of Rodney Bay and there are a number of ruins dating back to the battles fought between the British and French. 

Definitely worth spending several hours to enjoy with the park tour. 

Anse Chastanet a beach and reef

It is a beach that seems private although all beaches in St. Lucia are public on Chaston a has a feeling of being secluded accessible a water taxi or hillside road from Super Ray’s Hummingbird Restaurant.

Better yet if you are guests at the jade mountain or on Chaston resort access is even closer.  This Beach has a world-class scuba Center with one of the best diving sites on the island.

Shopping in Saint Lucia

St. Lucia offers shoppers the option of browsing for duty-free imports like designer perfumes Cristal and China at the Harbourfront shopping complex or experiencing a market day when farmers wives flocked to Castries 100 outdoor market and gather under parasols display their colorful wares.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, woven baskets, and other local crafts are offered.

Local handicrafts can also be found in a number of shops looking for the hand-screened batik apparel and prints featuring island scenes along with local wood artists.

Horseback Riding

There are a variety of trail rides plus fascinating featuring a beach picnic a scenic ride through the countryside with extra time for swimming and more horse riding along the beach at the end.

Rodney Bay

Visit Rodney Bay which has long sandy beaches yachts, shopping, and upscale beach resorts. 

St Lucia Friday Night

If you can include a St Lucia Friday night with your itinerary be a local and head out to gross Ally like Cinderella preparing for the ball

This fishing village transforms itself every Friday night into a colorful carnival scene featuring soca, reggae music and a jump up which is dancing in the streets.

Very delicious local food is available i.e Pigeon peas and rice jerk chicken and a fresh grilled fish.

Saint Lucia has some of the most overwhelmingly beautiful scenery to be found anywhere in the world.

Among the natural beauty of its splendid forests and soaring Peaks are ancient fortresses, gem-like fishing villages, and gracious town squares places waiting like buried treasure to be discovered by newcomers.


The Education Act provides for free and compulsory education in St. Lucia from the ages of 5 to 15

Almost every town of st. Lucia has a public primary school

St. Lucia has one University the University of the West Indies open campus and a few medical schools as well as 20 secondary public schools, 10 private schools, and colleges.

Hospitals in Saint Lucia

There are about 10 modern hospitals in St. Lucia that provide almost all types of services for advanced treatment and in case of emergency, the patient is transferred to Barbados.

Tourists are urged to have travel health insurance as the coast of hospital treatment is very high on the island.


For 150 years the French and English battle to claim Saint Lucia as their own. Possession switched 14 times until the English seized control in 1814.

Derek-Walcott-and-Arthur Lewis

Saint Lucia gained her independence in 1979, she boasts two Nobel laureates Writer Derek Walcott and Economist Arthur Lewis.

European influences remained to create an irresistible blend of french creole warmth and English sophistication.

The French imprint is clear in Castries the capital city of Saint Lucia and the charming old french capital.


Place names and distinctive architecture tell the story.

Old banana and sugar plantations reflect England’s dominance. Coco 2 thrives in the lush st. Lucia climate,

Visitors can explore amazing 18th-century sugar mills or stay in historic plantation houses that are today the center of working cocoa plantations.

Africans who were brought to the island in the 17th century and native Emmer Indians also contributed to a fusion of cultures.

You’ll see it reflected in the art crafts music and way of life today.


Colorful Folk art, fabrics, ceramics, woodcarvings, and internationally acclaimed arts are showcased in workshops open-air markets and galleries throughout the island.

Shoppers also peruse fine jewelry watches and other high-end merchandise at duty-free designer boutiques and in shopping malls.

Saint Lucia’s Citizenship Program

This Caribbean program is a bit on island time and so it’s kind of like when you build a house or when you renovate a house.

Nevertheless, the country is gradually recovering the Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program is the youngest Caribbean passport program.

It has been launched in 2015 as of December 1st, 2016 38 investors and their families have successfully obtained Saint Lucian passports. All in all the Commission has approved 11 out of 18 applications.

14 applications including family members and only four applications were submitted by single applicants

I individuals from the Middle East, Russia, North America, North Africa, Europe and Asia have shown interest in the Saint Lucian citizenship.


Let’s go over the different options of Citizenship Options in Saint Lucia.

St. Lucia has four options for citizenship, which is more than any other CIP program out there. Four different ways to get your passport of St Lucia.


The most common route that people take is donation. Under the five countries St. Lucia is time for having the lowest donation. It’s 100,000 dollars for a single person.

Where they’re not as cheap compared to some of the other programs is if you’re a couple it’s a 165,000 dollars and then with the family, it goes up a little bit from there.

So if you’re single then it’s time for the cheapest and you get a bit more bang for your buck over Dominica in terms of travel.

2. Real Estate Investment

There’s also a real estate option in which $300,000 real estate investment plus a fee. So the real estate option was one that you know is coming along like Dominica.

They don’t have the length of time that programs like Saint Kitts and Nevis have had to establish their real estate programs.

There’s a small chance that they’re actually going to lower the real estate investment because they are on the lower end of the donation scale.

There are 100,000 dollars more expensive on the real estate side.

3. Invest in Zero-Coupon Government Bonds for 5 Years

You can put half a million dollars in zero-coupon government bonds for five years. That goes up to 535 if you’re a couple so half a million dollars in bonds. You make no interest to get your money back in five years.

If you’re a bond investor and you like to see malicious bonds. To put some money in zero-coupon bonds seems like you have potentially a better chance of actually getting your full principal back than doing many of these real estate options. If you do get the principal back

4. Seven Figure Amount Investment in Business Project

The other option that is interesting for getting citizenship in Saint Lucia is you can put a seven-figure amount into some kind of approved business project.

If you do either these more exotic options there’s a $50,000 fee. You don’t just get to invest your money and walk away the Caribbean programs don’t allow that.

There are actually other CIP programs that do allow you to pay very little government fees on top of actual investments but that’s not their story.

So $50,000 on top of the investments, So from real estate you’re probably gonna be in the same realm and then for the donation it’s $100,000

So you’ve got options that other countries don’t have Saint Lucia has adapted to market conditions as competition has gone up.


St. Lucian passport opens the doors to the following advantages

  1. Visa-free travel around the world
  2. Asset protection the passport holders can open accounts in reliable European banks
  3. Tax advantages st. Lucia has no old income capital gains inheritance tax
  4. This is an opportunity to obtain one-room visas to the US and Canada
  5. Strict confidentiality. There is no requirement to reside in the country

Flights to Saint Lucia


Saint Lucia is easy to reach with nonstop flights from major cities in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Germany.

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Saint Lucia Accommodation

Island guests unwind and accommodations that rival those of any destination in the world the range meets every lifestyle and budget. Ultra-luxury suites some so integrated with nature they have no fourth wall.

All-inclusive resorts offering every activity and amenity. Gorgeous spas and private villas perch on mountaintops and hug white-sand beaches. 

Intimate boutique hotels in stunning tropical settings and cozy self-catered cottages and hideaways offer all the amenities of home.

St. Lucia’s accommodations as exceptional as her natural beauty. Unsurpassed natural beauty – a warm welcome from the moment you arrive. Adventure and romance at every turn. a spectacular variety of accommodations.


Saint Lucia Weather Forecast

Year-round temperatures in St Lucia is between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Weather of SAINT LUCIA

The weather in st. Lucia if you are coming on vacation weather is something that you are going to be very concerned about because foul weather will dampen your holiday spirit. So get a little bit of a feel for St. Lucia climate and the weather that you can expect.

Saint Lucia has a tropical humid climate moderated by northeast trade winds that allow for pleasant year-round conditions. Annual temperatures range from 26 degrees centigrade or 79 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees centigrade or 90 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level and drop to an average of 13 degrees centigrade of 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the mountain peaks

The abundant annual rainfall accumulates to approximately 2,000 millimeters or 79 inches with most precipitation occurring during the June to December wet season

So we’ve already identified that st. Lucia’s climate is tropical. Saint Lucia is touched by the Northeast trade winds which tend to have a cooling effect on the island. The humidity is most intense generally in the summertime months

Saint Lucia Weather in June, July, August, and September

So and it tends to vary sometimes you’ll have the humidity kicking in in June sometimes in July by August it’s generally gone when the rains are coming again maybe sometimes you can have it in a little bit in September.

Here in the Caribbean there are only have the rainy and dry season.

Saint Lucia rainy season coincides with that hurricane season which is generally from June to November.

The dry season goes from December background till about the end of May.

coming out of November because there have been lots of rain the hillsides are generally all beautifully lush green.

Weather in Saint Lucia from December to March

This beautiful lush greenness continues right through December January, February and now by the time coming round into March, it’s starting to go a little bit dry.

Continue through to April when it’s getting the rather dry make and continue to be dry and then we’re really happy if the rains are starting to come in May.

Then going through from June background about November Saint Lucia have more rain.


Saint Lucia really does deliver and takes every box gorgeous beaches, but so much more soft adventure, rainforest mountains, beautiful coastline, and above all the friendly people solutions are an absolute delight

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