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St Vincent and Grenadines Overview

Capital: Kingstown
Population : 109,943 Approx
Currency East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Calling code +1 784
Language: English
Airport Code: SVD
Zip Code: VC0100
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Flag
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Flag

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines may just be the most beautiful and unspoiled islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Spread out over 150 square miles impossibly blue water in the Southern Caribbean below st. Lucia.

Of the 32 islands and Cays that make up the chain, only nine are inhabited. You’ll need to do some zooming in on Google Maps to find them and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are one of them.

It’s like a secret place it’s almost like no one knows about it. Each item has its own charm, its own character. 

The northernmost Island Saint Vincent is the largest and home to the capital city of Kingstown.



Though the islands gained their independence in 1979 they are still a member of the British Commonwealth.

The good news is they speak English, the bad news is they drive on the left side of the road.


Travel and Tourism

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are not the places to go if you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway. It would take the whole weekend just to get there and back.

It’s definitely not your ordinary vacation spot hardly any tourists make the effort. Compared to like Barbados or Bermuda or those islands where everybody knows St. Vincent in the granite kind of like a little secret.



breadfruit-of-saint vincent and the grenadines
breadfruit-of-saint vincent and the grenadines

The favorite food of intentions or Vincey’s as they call themselves is breadfruit. As come in the islands as french fries are back home. Breadfruit is everywhere in the Caribbean it’s kind of like potatoes that grow on trees. 

Like getting to st. Vincent itself getting out to the little town of Georgetown is a bit of an adventure.

You’ll go through small towns cut across coconut plantations and pass some colonial ruins along the way. If you time it right you’ll see the kids on their way to and from school. You won’t find bigger smiles or friendlier faces anywhere

The road is narrow and winding and the views of the sea are breathtaking. 

Georgetown is hiding another secret. One of the most remote and private swimming holes in the Caribbean.


Black Point Tunnel

To get their head a mile back on the road and look for Black Point tunnel. The history of Black Point tunnel is pretty amazing. 

Black-Point-tunnel-with-secret swimming pool
Black-Point-tunnel-with-secret swimming pool

The tunnel was built by a British plantation owner around 1815 using manual labor to blast through 360 feet of volcanic rock. Little is known about its construction but walking through it you get a real sense of how difficult it must have been to complete. 

The tunnel was built to transport sugar from the mills on one side of the point to the wharf on the other. Before then it had to be hauled around the treacherous cliffs at the tip of the island.

Here’s where the secret swimming hole can be found if you know where to look. Hike little ways along the cliff and you’ll find a natural pool. (hardly anyone even knows it’s there at the end of Black Point Tunnel).

Not all of St. Vincent and sets remote is Georgetown.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Capital

The island’s capital is the bustling city of Kingstown.

At the heart of the city is the Kingstown market. Every Saturday morning Vincentians gather in their capital to buy sell and haggle over everything from beets to bananas.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Unique Facts

1. Botanic Gardens in Kingstown is one of the oldest such gardens of the World. It has been in operation continuously for over 250 years since 1765. 

2. Kings Hill Forest Reserve is also one of the oldest and it was originally established to attract the clouds and rain in 1791.

3. One of the few Caribbean countries that have petroglyphs is St Vincent and the Grenadines. Petroglyphs are images carved out of stone as a form of ancient rock art. Dozens of Petroglyphs dot the tiny islands, recording the presence of long-gone ancestors.

4. Kingstown is the small, but charming capital of saint vincent and the grenadines. It is sometimes referred to as the City of Arches since it has more than 400 arches in its historic center. Its cobblestone streets, markets, and unique architecture make Kingstown one of the most popular Caribbean Cities.

5. La Soufriere is an active volcano on the Island of saint vincent and the grenadines. It has erupted violently 5 times in the last 300 Years. The Volcano can wake up at any moment which is good to know if you are planning to hike it

6. The tiny Caribbean nation is not made up of just one of two islands. There are actually 32 islands an cays that form a chain all the way to their neighbor Grenada. Still, only 9 of this island are inhabited by a population of around 100.000 people.

7. Wallilabou Anchorage was a major filming location of the “Pirates of the Caribbean“Franchise. This Village was Port Royal in the movies, the famous pirate town in Jamaica. Much of the original set was preserved and it even has a museum dedicated to the pirates.

8. Fort Charlotte is a historic built-in 1806 with spectacular views overlooking Kingstown. The fortification once housed 600 troops and a battery of over 30 canons. These Canons were mostly pointed inland to defend against Caribs, who fiercely tried to kick out the Europeans.


15 Best Places to Visit in Saint Vincent and Grenadines

Chatham Bay
Macaroni Beach
Salt Whistle Bay
Firefly Plantation Bequia
Port Elizabeth
Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary
Happy Island
Palm Island
Botanical Gardens
Montreal Gardens
Lowe Bay Beach
Tobago Cays Marine Park
Princess Margaret Beach
Tobago Cays


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Airport

saint vincent and the grenadines E.T. Joshua Airport
saint vincent and the grenadines E.T. Joshua Airport

The only commercial airport is St. Vincent’s is E.T. Joshua Airport which has been now replaced by Argyle International Airport on February 2017.


It’s not that commercial but it’s cool if you’re into that 60s retro feel. The airport is about 5.17 miles from the Capital Kingstown.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Map

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Map
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Map

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Flights and Hotels

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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Weather


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