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Unique Fact About San Blas Island

There are around 300+ islands of San Blas. These islands are no longer called the San Blas islands.

They are now called the Guna Yala Islands because they belong to a tribe which is one of the oldest tribes of America and they are called the Gunas

Before it used to be called Kuna. These islands all belong to these people and they are fighting to have their own independent and not be a part of Panama.

They’ve renamed all of the islands to be Guna Yala Islands.

Other Facts

Coordinates 9.57°N, 78.82° W Coordinates: 9.57°N 78.82°W
Total islands 365
Major islands 49

San Blas Islands Map


How to Get There

San Blas Islands – How to Get There

San Blas is accessible from Panama City by road, which ends in Carti. This road is absolutely scenic but extremely winding and steep in places.

You will need a 4×4 vehicle, as regular cars are not allowed and stopped at the checkpoint on the border of Kuna Yala. The trip from Panama City to San Blas Island normally takes 2.5 hrs (2 hrs from Tocumen International Airport). 

We arrange transportation for my guests. The driver comes to pick you up at the hotel at 5:30 am and he is able to collect other passengers at this ‘standard’ time.

The cost is around $25 pp one way. Pick up at later times is also possible, but this becomes a ‘private ride’ – you pay for the whole car $100 or more.

You arrive by car to Carti and from there we arrange a water taxi to transfer you to my boat. The cost – Approx $20 per person one way. 

We can also arrange the driver to meet you at the airport and bring you straight to Carti, but only if your flight arrives before 2 pm. This is important because the road to Carti is being closed after 4 pm for the night. This service will cost you from Airport to Carti is $100 for the whole car

Cost of the San Island Trip

Rates are per person per night, based on double occupancy of two big cabins and one person in a smaller cabin.

2 Persons $ 200 PP
3 Persons $ 180 PP
4 Persons $ 160 PP

These rates are all-inclusive for Minimum 2 nights stay: 

  • 3 meals a day,
  • Snacks and fruits,
  • Soft and alcoholic beverages,
  • Internet access (Wi-Fi hotspot),
  • Sheets and towels (one towel per person),
  • Stand-up paddleboard,
  • Snorkeling and fishing gear,
  • Dinghy with outboard engine,
  • Fuel. 

Not included: transportation to San Blas and personal expenses. 
Rates depend on the length of your stay and number of people in your company:

San Blas Islands Weather

Weather of San Blas Islands

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