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USA Today is the biggest economy in the world and the third most populated country with a population of 322 million people. Download USA Travel Guide in PDF (Download Here)

Read some interesting facts about the USA

1. Climate and Nature in the USA

Here you’ll find that vers climates stunning and varied landscapes and fantastic wildlife.

Interestingly most of the climate zones of the world can be found in the U.S from tropical areas in the South of Florida and Hawaii to the desert climate of Arizona and coal winters of some northern states.

All in all the US is a very warm country.

Did you know that New York is actually as warm as Roman -Italy.

The warm climate is the main reason that Ice Teas are so popular here.



USA Travel and Tourism

More than half of Americans have never traveled outside the country. There’s more than enough facilities for excellent tourism here.

USa tourism

The US has got more than 250 water parks, more than 400 amusement parks, more than 50,000 hotels, and the countless number of beach resorts and great national parks.

Making a road trip across the U.S is so much fun.

How to Travel within Cities

Most American cities have built for cars. So to get around people need cars because public transportation is almost non-existent in most places. So pretty much every member of the family has got to have a car.

Travel within Cities of USA

Traditional yellow buses carry most American children to and from school.

Most cities in the U.S.A have a downtown area and then suburbs that’s Prall around the city.

What do the modern suburbs look like?

Most suburbs are built according to the master plan and all lookalike the infrastructure would normally include pedestrian zones, golf and tennis courts kids playground with swimming pools.

Although many American cities in fact look like some definitely stand out. Let’s see which ones.

New York

World’s financial fashion and business capital concrete jungle with a Famous Central Park.

Las Vegas

A city of casinos and entertainment where you can have the craziest time of your life. Win a jackpot a get married in less than 15 minutes.

Los Angeles

Here’s where you’ll find Hollywood’s Beverly Hills and stars alley. This is the home of the American movie industry that is so popular around the world.


Combines the tropical climate and American luxury Y beaches and fabulous nightclubs. Language spoken in Miami is a mix. You can hear Spanish just as often as English here.

San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its cool summers fog steep rolling hills eclectic mix of architecture and landmarks including the Golden Gate and cable cars. 


America’s infrastructure is one of the best in the world.

The world’s longest highway system is in the USA – with a total length of 6.5 million kilometers included in the interstate highway system with a length of 77 thousand kilometers.

The longest railroad system in the world with a total length of 226 thousand kilometers.

Air spaces one of the busiest in the world and the busiest airport on the planet in Atlanta.

Infrastructure Drawbacks

At the same time, there are a lot of drawbacks.

Long a source of national pride America’s infrastructure, today is in critical need of repair but federal government spending on the issue has gone down 9% in the past decade.

Also, there is no high-speed national passenger railroad as you find in Europe and there are no plans to build one.

Work Culture

Most Americans are workaholics like they say here most choose to live to work rather than work to live.

Most start working at a young age at fast-food places like McDonald’s or Denny’s.

Any kind of work is appreciated often even the children of rich parents have to work their way up the career ladder on their own.

According to reports, the US can boast one of the highest salaries in the world with a gross value of 57,000 a year. It’s hard to believe but those who make less than a $ 1000 a month are considered poor in this country which at the same time is considered a decent amount of money throughout the rest of the world.

There are downsides of course short paid vacation time. On average, it’s only 10 to 20 days a year.


The US has always been famous for its entrepreneurial spirit. Small business owners of the embodiment of the American dream.

Americans like the gumption it takes to invest one’s life savings to follow the dream of starting the company. After all, this is a nation of gold getting reefs takers living in the land of opportunity.

This very little bureaucracy and is very simple to get your company registered.

Americans are very mobile and ready to move across the country depending on the business opportunities.

The U.S is all about innovation and creativity.

there is some sort of optimism in the Americans that make them bring the even the craziest the most absurd ideas to light.

Just think about Tesla cars, GoPro cameras, YouTube, windows, Facebook, spacings, rockets and so much more

Many people around the world wonder why America is so rich

It’s because the American economy is so diverse and not limited to iPhones and McDonald burgers.

It’s an unrivaled leader in scientific medical research technology, agriculture, oil business music, and movie industries in so many more fields.

There’s very little red tape

Replacing your driver’s license we’ll only take 30 minutes.

Most Americans never had to bribe an official to get something done against something approved.

Living day to day life

Debt is a fact of life more and more Americans and that may not be a bad thing,

A new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that 8 in 10 Americans are in debt in some fashion most often because of a mortgage and that debt is not limited to young people starting out life,

Increasingly people are carrying debt into retirements. Pew found that higher-income people with more assets tended to have more.

Earlier research by the Pew Research Center found a substantial wealth difference between white black and Hispanic households median debt for white households at 41,500 was more than double median debt for black and Hispanic households and white families median net worth in 2013 at 159 thousand four hundred was 11 times that of black families and ten times that of median net worth of Hispanic families.

An average American has a number of credit cards in their wallet.

The average debt of 47 hundred

The U.S spends more per student on education than any other country.

Education in America

In 2014 The Economist Intelligence Unit rated u.s. education the 14th best in the world just behind Russia.

While high school education in u.s. is not something to be proud of higher education is one of the best in the world.

Thus 46 out of a hundred top universities in the world are American but higher education is not free and a four-year bachelor degree program will set you back anywhere from a hundred and ten to one hundred and sixty thousand dollars.


One of the major drawbacks in U.S is that there is no universal health care.

The US is the only industrialized nation that relies heavily on a for the private medical insurance industry to provide basic health care.

Iin 2009 the Kaiser Family Foundation and the health research and education trust survey found that employer health insurance premiums were 13,000 for a family and 4,800 for a single person.

Nationally an average of 16 points 2 percent of Americans did not have health insurance when Gallup interviewed them in 2009.

Many people with pre-existing conditions such as cancer and depression are turned down for coverage denied coverage of those conditions and are charged higher prices for coverage.

The nine million self-employed workers have a greater challenge than many people to find affordable health insurance and they represent 8% of the US labor force

Sadly the US has a third-world crime problem crime rate is considered to be really high compared to other civilized nations, especially from Western Europe.

USA Crime Report

There are some crime-ridden neighborhoods mostly inhabited with minorities where drugs and crime violence are abundant so-called ghettos.

Just a system is very severe and criminals can face capital punishment interestingly how according to the US Department of Justice African Americans while only constitute in 13% of the population accounted for 52.5 of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008.

Dress up Culture in America

People dress very casually and the U.S you’ll never know if someone’s a millionaire or if they’re broke

It was Americans who first introduced a casual style into the everyday business world when CEO started showing up dressed in jeans in the sweater instead of an expensive suit.

At the same time, there are still many places where the dress code is still enforced like churches expensive restaurants theaters and such.

Shopping in the USA

The U.S is a popular shopping destination. Prices in the U.S are normally lower than in Europe, especially on cloven cars and gas.

There are constant sales many people come to the US with the sole purpose of shopping.

Americans worship their celebrities and are just obsessed with them

At the same time the lack of knowledge of and attention to celebrities from non-English speaking countries.

Popular Restaurants in the USA

The U.S you won’t die of thirst waters free in most restaurants you can even walk into Starbucks and ask for water.

Waiters are friendly and will ask you how your day was you’ll see smiles in the hospitality pretty much everywhere.

Tip and culture is everywhere in the taxes restaurants hotels. Standard is 15 to 20 percent. Sometimes tips are included in the cheque already.

It’s impossible to imagine America without its fast food. It’s not just fast food in major cities you can find every cuisine on earth.

The only theme that you can complain about is the size of the portions which makes it easier to understand why 35% of the population is overweight.

Breakfast in the US is ridiculously awesome.

Personal Lifestyle

Americans are a lot more religious than Europeans. Go into church and Sunday is a lifestyle for many. Over 70% are Christians in everyday life Americans often mentioned God.

It’s a car-based society with a little alternative in terms of efficient available and cheap public transportation,

Cars are cheaper than they are in Europe. Most Americans love big trucks SUV and minivans. Muscle cars are really popular among younger people.

Although energy fuel-efficient cars are becoming more popular now, and lots of people are into collecting retro cars and there are constant car shows and lots of racing tracks around the country.

There are as many as 9 million motorcycles and California has got more than any other state.

Popular Sports of America

Most populous sports in the US are football baseball hockey and basketball. Sports are also a big business price of a basketball team can reach three billion dollars.

America’s Urban Culture

America is not just about highways and big cities. There’s plenty of countryside as many as fifteen percents of Americans live in the countryside and some families have their own cattle and sometimes really impressive amounts of land with lakes and forests.

The rural population of America has declined from 2010 by about 30,000 people per year. By contrast, the urban population has grown by more than two million annually.

As of 2007, there were 2.2 million farms. Physically challenged people can feel like regular people in the US everything is made friendly for them.

Automatic doors elevators parking spots and assist buttons when entering a restaurant.

In major cities, you will see a lot of homeless people on the streets especially in cities like San Francisco and San Diego.

According to different sources, there were as many as 600,000 to 1.5 million people but nobody has the right to kick them out and beat them up here.

On the contrary, most people try to help them by organized mobile showers and food delivery.

You’ll be surprised to see how many elderly people you find in various resorts in expansive casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

The thing is most of the American retired people were able to save up an impressive amount of money and they prefer to travel the world rather than stay at home.


USA waving Flag photo

Americans are very patriotic. You will see national flags in many houses also Americans are gun lovers.

Some keep a whole Arsenal at home, unfortunately, every year they have more than 11,000 fatal accidents related to gunshots.

America’s People

People are indeed friendly and smile a lot.

Most are sincere about it and wherever you come and whoever you meet eyes with you’ll most likely see a smile on their face and they’re asking how you’re doing.

This is something that learned from childhood.

American hospitality might be the best in the world and you can start a conversation with anybody anywhere at a coffee shop in a bar at a baseball match and it feels like you’ve been friends forever

The U.S like any other country has its upsides and downsides. There are a lot more upsides in this case.

What’s the American dream is that anyone can succeed and this is technically possible and more upheld as a value in the u.s. compared in many other countries.

It is also true that certain groups of people are more positioned than others for this to be easier whether it be because of the race gender economic status or people they know.

There’s no way to describe America in one video there are too many different subcultures and towns.

Life in the countryside in Tennessee will be a lot different from living in LA.

States of United States

 New Hampshire1,342,795
 New Jersey9,005,644
 New Mexico2,088,070
New York19,849,399
 North Carolina10,273,419
  North Dakota755,393
 Rhode Island1,059,639
 South Carolina5,024,369
 South Dakota869,666
 West Virginia1,815,857



Tourist Attractions in USA

Walk Disney Workd Florida - US

The Maximum Visited Theme Park in the World is Walt Disney World’s in Florida, Orlando – the USA  In 2018, Orlando, Florida was the most visited destination in the United States and hope that it will be one of the most visited destinations in the world in coming years too.

List of Hotels in the USA

You can Book Hotels online for the various cities of the USA at the best-discounted rates.

USA Map All States

USA Map All States

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